Pauline and Peg Retire!

Well it had to happen one day!

After a combined 70 years in running, coaching and supporting women runners Pauline and Peg have finally decided that the Women Can Challenges 2019 will mark the end of an era for them.

'Neither one of us is getting any younger’ and finally qualifying for a state pension should enable us to concentrate on some quality time being active together while we still can.

Coaching and running will of course continue but the demands of planning and delivering programmes and events will end in May with the last woman who crosses the line in the Women Can Challenges.

It doesn’t mean the end of the event. Hopefully others will be there to take it on.

The 2019 event marks the 21st birthday of the creation of the Womens Running Network so it seemed an appropriate year to step back.

Help us end with a flourish on May 26th 2019 - by looking forward!

To mark our retirement and the 21st anniversary of the birth of the Womens Running Network we also wanted to celebrate all those leaders and groups who kept the faith when WRN ended and still offer support and friendship with wonderful running guidance to beginner women.

To do this we are planning a post event gathering for:

Any woman who started their running with the WRN

Any leader or group whose current running was born out of the WRN

and is still providing running for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities

In essence all of you still showing that WOMEN CAN!

running 1

How to join in?

If you fit the above description and:

  • Are entering any one of the three challenges
  • or can come and marshal on the day

You will receive free entry to the post event party where we hope you will meet friends from the old days and make new ones.

If you can’t run or marshal we would still love to see you but would appreciate a contribution of £10 towards the evening.

Nominate your group or leader

We would also like to mark the occasion with some special recognition of some of the leaders and groups who have kept going all these years.

Please send us your nominations with a brief story in support.

These will be read out on the evening and we will invite Jo and Gavin Pavey to select one for an award.

Send your nominations by e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the heading Special Leader/Group

Send these by 20th May 2019

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